Rights Now Foundation

We improve the lives of humans in vulnerable situations through partnerships and targeted financial support.

We support efforts that makes a difference for humans

Every step counts when people find themselves in situations and contexts that limit their rights and abilities to live a decent life and be who they want to be. Through the years, the Rights Now foundation has supported projects that actively made unique difference for migrants and refugees, young people and children who lacked access to adequate social support, information and education. We have supported groups that fought to get the word out, to voice their concerns and demand their rights.

Please, view some of these projects and organizations and discover what a difference they make. The Rights Now foundation will continue to support constructive and positive processes that improve human rights and lives. We believe in a strong civil society that provide opportunities for individuals and groups to speak up, grow and live more safely and freely.

We welcome non-profit organizations to seek support from the Rights Now foundation.