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What is the Rights Now foundation

The Rights Now foundation wants to improve the lives and opportunities of humans in vulnerable situations. We provide financial support to various projects, efforts and initiatives. We also engage in advocacy, primarily by sharing our knowledge and spreading information from our partners and their projects.

Overall, we want to bring about a change toward a more socially sustainable society. We want to contribute to a more just and equitable world, where all people can feel safe and prosper – a world where each and everyone can enjoy their human rights.

The Rights Now foundation provides financial support to non-profit organizations worldwide which implement projects, activities and actions that promote human rights, improved living conditions and opportunities for individuals and groups in society facing vulnerable situations. We promote socially sustainable communities and societies which are healthy, equitable, diverse and democratic. The projects and activities we support always include an educational and training component, to build people´s knowledge and capacity.

Through partnerships and targeted financial support we want to help bring humans out of their vulnerable situations. The Rights Now foundation supports efforts that:

  • provide humans with more power and agency, influence and freedom of choice
  • contribute to participation and social mobilization
  • promote dialogue and meetings across borders, between individuals and different groups in society

ALEF 2022. Project: Literacy and self-help support groups in Uganda.

The Rights Now foundation’s vision is a world where people’s rights are met – a world in which every person is respected and appreciated, where humans feel agency and influence, opportunity and optimism. It is a world where people – regardless of age, gender identity, social class, ethnicity, religious belief, sexual preferences, nationality, geographic location, abilities or disabilities, or other circumstances that unite or divide people – have social, political and economic opportunities to influence their own lives and to participate actively in society.

We provide support based on the conviction that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. As we see it, human rights point to the fact that all humans should be able to live decent lives. They cover many aspects of human life and underline the necessary prerequisites for such a life – such as food, shelter, health, education, work, safety, freedom of expression, freedom from torture and slavery, right to participation in society and in government.

Human rights are universal – they apply throughout the world, regardless of country, culture or specific situation.

Coloboratie Lund – Maxenu 2019. Project: Aftershool in Romania.

Ethical and sustainable investments only

The finance and investment policy of the Rights Now foundation complies with ethical guidelines, international norms and standards. The policy is reviewed continuously to maintain the highest possible standards with regard to ethics and sustainability, based on current knowledge and practice.

Read our finance and investment policy in detail here.

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Facts about us!

  • Rights Now was founded in 2007.
  • Rights Nows founding capital was donated by private individuals.
  • Rights Now is a non-profit foundation with no ties to the business community, political parties or other types of organizations or institutions.
  • Rights Now is free from religious and political affiliations.
  • Rights Now’s activity is in accordance with the Swedish law for foundations.
  • Rights Now is under the supervision of Stockholm County Administrative Board.
  • Rights Now is registered in the Swedish public institution register.