The Board

This is the Board for The Rights Now Foundation.

Members of the board are: Henry Muyingo, Annelie Drewsen, Mats Lindgren, Jonas Wihlstrand (chairman), Janna Hellerup Ulvselius, Vera Holm, Gunilla Bergh, Ellen Almgren, Viveka Bergh (alternate), Karolin Kral (alternate), and Kristian Ängeby (alternate).

They are all involved in the endeavor of how society can be developed so that humans in vulnerable situations can have opportunities, more just and better living conditions as well as general life chances. Members of the Board believe it is possible to create an equal and just society, if the will is there and the proper context is created.

Each of the Board members belong to different professions, academic- and professional areas and experiences. Each has insights related to human rights and societal development, but from different perspectives. Members work in the non-profit, private and public sector. Everyone involved have knowledge about human rights. Some have experience and knowledge of migration and its consequences. Others have professional experiences from Sweden, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin- and North America, and the Caribbean.

Please contact the board by e-mail: foundation@rightsnow.se

The Board

Rights Now has a board of eight members and three alternate members who contribute their knowledge and experience of running the foundation. Board members are elected for two-year terms.