Rights Now Foundation


The Rights Now foundation provides financial support to non-profit organizations worldwide which implement projects, activities and actions that promote human rights, improved living conditions and opportunities for individuals and groups in society facing vulnerable situations.

We promote socially sustainable communities and societies which are healthy, equitable, diverse and democratic. The projects and activities we support always include an educational and training component, to build people´s knowledge and capacity.

What kind of activities can receive support?

The foundation Rights Now provides grants to projects, activities and actions that:

  • Reach people facing vulnerable situations
  • Have a positive impact on peoples’ lives
  • Promote equality and justice, participation, empowerment and social mobilization
  • Are designed based on the needs, interests and abilities of the target group
  • Increase knowledge and capacity, awareness and commitment, voice and opportunities
  • Actively involve and strengthen the target group, building agency and ownership
  • Promote dialogue and meetings across borders, between different individuals and groups in society

Each year – a new Theme!

Each year the Rights Now foundation selects a theme that highlights our current priority. To qualify, all projects and applications should relate to this particular theme, in addition to the foundation’s overall vision and objectives. Only projects and applications that fall within the stated theme of the application period will be considered by the foundation.

The theme for the current (or relevant) application period is:

The grants theme for 2022: Gender equality and displaced girls and women

Equality between women and men is a prerequisite for sustainable development and a peaceful world. Therefore this year’s theme for the Rights Now Foundation grants is linked to goal number 5 of the global Sustainable Development Goals: Gender equality. Due to the fact that there are 100 million people who are displaced, applications concerning projects aimed at and involving displaced girls and women (refugees) will receive priority.

Describe in your application how your project is linked to gender equality and preferably to one of the sub-goals in SDG nr.5.

Read more about SDG number 5 and the different sub-goals here: Goal nr 5

What kind of organizations can apply for funding?

The Rights Now foundation primarily supports non-profit and non-governmental civil society organizations. However, other actors as for example university institutions may also apply for grant funding.

The Rights Now foundation prioritizes organizations with an annual revenue of maximum 600 000 USD, corresponding to a maximum of 5 000 000 Swedish crowns (svenska kronor).

Organizations that include an educational or training component in their projects can apply for funding. All projects supported do in different ways increase knowledge and awareness.

We welcome applicants that actively involve the target group/s and that apart from project activities are engaged in advocacy and dialogue.

In order to receive support from the Rights Now foundation the applicant organisation must acknowledge democratic values and human rights. It must further recognize, respect and promote transparency, accountability, participation and influence, equality, tolerance and respect.

The Rights Now foundation is based in Sweden but supports organizations and projects all over the world.

Rights Now does NOT channel funds to: private enterprises, individuals, governmental agencies.

Send us your project proposal!

In order to become a beneficiary of Rights Now foundation, each organization must be able to present a clear project proposal – including a strategy, a plan and a budget related specifically to the funds expected from the Rights Now foundation. How the funds from the Rights Now foundation are to be used must be clearly presented in the application for funding.

We also request that the organization presents a plan for how the monitoring and evaluation of the project to be funded by Rights Now foundation will be carried out by the organization itself.

Upon completion of the project the organization shall send a brief project report to Rights Now foundation, including a summary and a description of how the funds were allocated and used, which activities were implemented and which results were achieved. Any deviations from the original project plan should also be mentioned and explained.

Organizations which wish to apply for further funding should note that in order for Rights Now foundation to consider any future applications a report from the previously funded project must have been sent in to the foundation for review at the end of the project.

Please, see more information about applications on this website.

The Decision

The decision regarding grant funding is made in January each year.