Rights Now can provide financial support to non-profit organizations conducting activities and implementing actions that promote human rights and improved living conditions and life chances for humans in vulnerable situations.

We wish to provide the support to develop sustainable and long-term activities for the benefit of humans in vulnerable situations. We sometimes participate in alliances with other organizations that can strengthen local and global projects, in order to effectively reach out with support to people facing difficult situations.

What kind of activities can receive support?

Efforts should be based on the needs, problems, interests and abilities of the target group.

Efforts to promote:

  • Empowerment and social mobilization.
  • Power, influence and choice.
  • Equality and equality.
  • Training and capacity building efforts

We mainly provide grants for actions or projects specifically focusing on education/training/capacity building efforts. In order to get support from the foundation, efforts need to promote human rights and create opportunities for humans in vulnerable situations to improve their lives. Efforts should raise knowledge and awareness as well as building capacity.

Rights Now can provide funding for:

  • Production of relevant training materials.
  • Salaries for educators/trainers.
  • Transport, food, accommodation for participants, educators/trainers.
  • Venue(s).
  • Spreading and sharing of information and knowledge to society, policy makers, media etc.

It is possible to apply for grants that supports training of skills for both people in vulnerable situations as well as for employees, coordinators, volunteers, etc. who meet and work with people in vulnerable situations. That is crucial in order to create support for humans in vulnerable contexts and to strengthen human rights.


The Rights Now foundation has decided that starting from 2021, only projects falling within the theme chosen by the foundation for that particular year will be considered during the decision process regarding that particular year’s applications for funding. Please note that the theme chosen always falls within the foundations overall objectives. Read more about the current theme on the application page.


Actions or projects supported by us are normally carried out by the organizations of the civil society (non-profit or NGO) with an annual revenue of maximum 600 000 USD, and universities / colleges. In order to become beneficiaries of Rights Now, the organization shall be able to present a clear strategy, plan and budget for their education or scientific research.

We also want the organization to show that it monitors and evaluates its operations and specific interventions. We usually wish to take part of the evaluation reports and always require reporting of operations receiving funding.

Non-profit organizations

We prioritize non-profit organizations that possess or wants to develop solid knowledge and experience in close collaboration with the target group of humans in vulnerable situations.

We like to support organizations that intend to launch or start new and innovative activities or operations. We want to promote organizations whose employees and participants have experience of vulnerability, and in a professional manner are utilizing their experience in the implementation of actions to influence and improve the situation of the targeted group.

Scientific research

Rights Now may provide funding for scientific research. The research should aim to increase knowledge and awareness of human vulnerability and human rights from different perspectives. For example, structures and factors affecting vulnerability and methodologies and approaches for reducing vulnerability (based on evidence or best-practice) are of interest.

The research should relate to:

  • Empowerment and social mobilization.
  • Power, influence and choice.
  • Equality and equality.

The research topic should be such that its results can be used or applied by practitioners and/or decision-makers.

Values of supported organizations

We want democratic values and a rights perspective to be reflected in a supported organization’s external and internal operations and organization. The organization must recognize, respect and promote the realization of the fundamental principles of transparency, accountability, participation and influence, tolerance and respect, equality and gender equality.

The organization’s work will be valued based on how needs, interests and abilities are met in the perspective of humans in vulnerable situations. Rights Now prioritizes organizations engaged in or intending to engage in advocacy and who are independent from a government. The organization should in general promote constructive dialogue and cooperation with other actors in society.

Rights Now do not support

We do not provide support to organizations primarily engaged in fundraising activities, and/or channels funds to other organizations.

Individuals will not be granted financial assistance from Rights Now.


Due to a restructuring of the fund, upcoming decisions on grants will be made in February 2019.