The first step in the process of applying for support from the Rights Now Foundation, is to fill in the form below. In this way, we can more easily make an initial assessment of a project or activity.

The last day for sending in the application is October 31st. We have limited capacity to answer questions so please use our FAQ for answers about the application process and grants in general.

Theme 2022 – Democracy and peaceful societies

In recognition of the fact that 2021 is the 100th anniversary of democracy in Sweden, the Rights Now Foundation has decided that, as its theme during 2021, it will focus on providing support to projects aimed at strengthening democracy in a manner that is directly linked to goal number 16 in United Nation’s SDGs: Peaceful and inclusive societies. 

The application period for support is 1stof July until 31st of October 2021. 

For the application to be processed, there must be a description of how the project relates to Rights Now’s support theme for 2021: strengthening democracy in relation to global goal 16.  


We are currently not accepting any applications. We are opening for applications again in July 2022.

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