Rights Now Foundation


The Rights Now foundation welcomes applications from 1 July each year. The last day for sending in an application is 30 November. (We do not receive applications between 1 December and 30 June.)

In order to apply for funding, please fill in the form. Use the link which will be available only during the application period 1 July – 30 November. (Please note that revisions of the form may take place in between.)

For the application to be processed, please do not forget to describe how your planned project or activity relates to the Rights Now foundation´s theme of the year, which is presented on this website ahead of the application deadline.

In the application, please state clearly:

  • project goal and objectives
  • target group
  • project activities
  • expected results
  • plan for monitoring, evaluation and communication
  • budget for the project/project component/activities to be supported by Rights Now

Please note that your organization’s contact information must be filled in correctly for us to be able to communicate with you regarding grants. Communication is normally done through e-mail.

Please also note that all applicants that have received grants before must have sent in completion reports for the previous project/s for any new application to be considered by the foundation.

The Rights Now foundation has limited capacity to answer questions related to applications, the application process and grants. Please use the provided FAQ, including answers to frequent questions. View our FAQ. 

We also encourage you to read about previous projects and organizations supported, which are presented on this website. We hope you will get an understanding of our criteria, how we prioritize and select projects for funding.

Applicants will be informed about the Rights Now foundation’s final decision regarding grant funding in January/February each year. All applicants will receive an email from us, no matter if a grant has been approved or not. 

Applicants which are to receive a grant will need to sign a grant letter stating the basic conditions for our grants. The letter needs to be signed and returned to the Rights Now foundation for any grants to be transferred to the organization and project.

Grants can be transferred to the organization at the earliest in February each year. Delays may be avoided by submitting all the requested information in the application form, as well as the correct contact details (name of the organization, name of the person responsible for the project, email address, telephone number, possible social media sites). 

We would also like to share the following information, on how the Rights Now foundation handles personal data:

Information about how Rights Now handles my personal data (integrity policy). View in our FAQ.

The application period has expired.

We provide grants and financial support

We look forward to your project proposal and application!