Please find answers to the most common questions here. Very often we get questions with a focus on applications and the foundation’s activities. We are adding new questions and answers continuously but have limited capacity to answer questions via email promptly.

When are decisions made about applications?
It is possible to submit “Letters of Inquiry” throughout the year by using the form. Due to a restructuring of the fund, the upcoming decisions will be taken in February 2019. The foundation has a very limited operating capacity therefore decision making are focused within a time period.

How does the application process work?
The first step is to fill in the form or a “Letter of Inquiry”. Then a first assessment of the project or organization is made and if its appropriate to receive support from Rights Now. The next step is a larger application documentation sent to the contact person that is representing the organization. When returned to Rights Now, it becomes the actual application being decided on by the board.

When are notices concerning decisions sent out ?
As soon as a decision is made. Due to a restructuring of the fund, the upcoming decisions will be taken in February 2019. Important: The contact information on the application must be correct.

Can the same organization make multiple applications?
Yes, but it requires that each project is initially described in a separate form – “Letter of Inquiry” . One form is required per project, even if it is the same organization that is seeking support.

Can I send a request for grants via e-mail?                                                            No, we do not accept applications or other forms of requests for grants sent to Rights Now via e-mail. Your best chance to receive support from the foundation is to use the application form.

Do Rights Now have geographical limitations for projects?
No, Rights Now supports projects worldwide. The important factor is that the project or activity makes a positive difference in human’s lives and that it is in line with Rights Now’s criteria for receiving support.

We have a project that isn’t active yet – can we apply for support? 
Yes of course! Often we are supporting groundbreaking and innovative efforts. The important factor is that the project is going to be manifested and makes a difference for humans according to Rights Nows criteria.

Information on the processing of personal data.
According to the Swedish law PUL, the Personal Data Act (1998: 204), Rights Now Foundation informs that the personal information provided in a registration of the grant application or “Letter of Inquiry”, is only used by Rights Now. The purpose is for Rights Now solely, to enable contacting a person as a representative of an organization or entity seeking support. The personal information in the form: name, address, telephone and email, will not be passed on to any party or organization outside Rights Now’s own organization. Rights Now is responsible for handling of the personal information.

The informant has the right to request that any inaccurate information be corrected and can also request excerpts of personal information, from Rights Now, once per calendar year. It must be requested in writing with the person’s signature.