Rights Now Foundation

Children of Al Jaleel Center (CJC) – Lebanon

Reporting period: 2013.

Our mission in the project is to contribute to a safe environment for Displaced Palestinian Syrian (DPS) children. Our activities are aimed to provide children with recreational activities in the form of a summer camp, with CRC workshop, weekly psychosocial activities and more. We have also created a workshop on human rights, to help young and aged 18-40 years, to give them full information on human rights and refugee rights.

This project gave the children the space to express themselves. Most of the kids complaining about the violence in their lives because they were affected by the Syrian crisis. Some of them, who have psychosocial problems, participated in our weekly psychosocial activities and open discussion where they had a chance to talk about their suffering.

In implementing the project, we handled many challenges:

  • The Syrian crisis is affecting daily life.
  • Difficulties integrating DPS children with children from the camp during the activities.
  • Violence still spreads among children and they suffer from it in their daily lives.
  • Many children who have psychosocial problems, do not like to talk at the beginning of open discussions.