Rights Now Foundation

The Good Talents – Talent Network

The Project Talent Network has not only provided practical knowledge but also opportunities for personal development and networking through various workshops, including job and study workshops, leadership training, and storytelling sessions. The results indicate increased self-esteem, greater knowledge of opportunities, and reduced feelings of social exclusion among participants.

The Good Talents looks forward to continuing its work to promote the potential of young people and create long-term changes in society. The Good Talents would like to extend a warm and heartfelt thank you to the Rights Now Foundation for your support and funding of our project, the Talent Network. Your trust and commitment have been crucial in making this initiative possible and successful.

Your support has not only given young women tools and opportunities to thrive but has also contributed to creating a positive impact on society by promoting equality, diversity, and reducing social exclusion.

Application Year 2023 – Theme: Women and girl refugees