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Yennenga Progress – Burkina Faso

Rights Now has provided support to the Swedish organization Yennenga Progress. They act as an accelerator for development. This is done through networking and matching skills to create a fertile ground for positive social development and become a reference for structural change where needed. The organization works in areas where members (currently in 14 countries) has its operations. The mission is to assist members in their work, in order to create the best possible conditions for success – both socially, environmentally and economically.

The name Yennenga Progress is based on the legend of Princess Yennenga, from the 1400s West Africa, accounting for a whole range of things the organization believes is fundamental to creating sustainability – socially, environmentally and economically. Values that we still nurture today and you can read about in management books as success factors for leadership:

Yennenga have talent and good heart.
Yennenga represents innovation and courage.
Yennenga challenge the restrictive standards.
Yennenga asking for help to succeed.
Yennenga is a good role model and raises others’ potential.

The founders of Yennenga Progress has through their own personal networks, now built a large international network with members in 14 countries, with the conviction that we all need networks and contacts to achieve our dreams and to work together to build the world we want to live in, and the world we want our children to live in long after us.
(Source: Yennenga Progress website)

Yennenga Progress