Rights Now Foundation

NAWES – Network for African-European Woman Scientists

Rights Now granted in 2009 support to NAWES’s training seminars on the role of local knowledge systems importance in development efforts, by focusing on the role of local knowledge play in Africa’s development. By utilizing local knowledge systems it enabled poor people’s participation in social development. The World Bank has reported about success where local knowledge systems have been integrated into development processes. NAWES seminar series based on this new approach, and took the matter to a Swedish context. How can the ‘local knowledge’ be integrated into the development processes in a multicultural Sweden? The project focused on immigrants from Africa, whose local knowledge systems of their home countries can be used in the establishment and integration into Swedish society, and not least contribute to Swedish society. Leading the project was the researcher and physician Asli Kulane, at the Department of Public Health (PHS), Department of International Health (IHCAR) at Karolinska Institutet.