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Local Coordination Committees – Syria

Rights Now decided to support an initiative created by the organization Local Coordination Committees (LCC), which is aimed at children affected by the war in Syria. The effort involves material and psychosocial support to approximately 140 children in the town of Maaret al-Nouman (province of Idlib in northern Syria), who lost their families. The goal is to support efforts to normalize their living and family circumstances. Children require, among other things, opportunities for play and schooling. The initiative has the potential to prevent mental illness and is also important to minimize the risk of other forms of vulnerabilities, (eg, child prostitution).

The organization LCC acted, during the development of the crisis in Syria, in support of the civil movement for democracy and human rights in Syria. LCC is represented in all the Syrian provinces and also in other countries outside Syria (such as Sweden). LCC spread news about what is happening in Syria, documenting human rights violations, identifying and mapping the need for humanitarian aid and distribute relief in the form of including food and medicines to humans.

Local Coordination Committees