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Kids Ark Foundation – Thailand

By supporting the Kids Ark Foundation, a project is active at the Baan Huaypoo school. The project is a pre-school for 20-30 children from the ethnic minority Lahu in Thaton Subdistrict. Support for the House of Hope also includes a daycare center for Lahu children residing in the village of Baan Huaymuagnai village, Mae Na Wang. Both projects are in the Mae-I District of Chiangmai.

People of Lahu is a marginalized group in Thailand. Illiteracy is widespread, high unemployment and child labor is common. Trafficking, prostitution and drug trafficking occurs. Most are not Thai citizens, and the Thai authorities’ services in the no man’s land is limited. Children have little opportunity to attend school. Public education is offered only in Thai, which many have not mastered.

This project means that the children are offered educational activities including language classes in Thai. The children get adult guidance, proper diet and help to obtain Thai citizenship. The activities improve children’s opportunities for schooling, and thus can strengthen the minority’s social, economic and health conditions. The activities are driven largely by individuals belonging to ethnic minorities in Thailand.

Kids Ark Foundation