Rights Now Foundation

J-Flag – Jamaica

Empowering Lesbian & Bisexual Women to Participate in Public Policy.

In Jamaica – lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons are often denied their basic human rights and freedoms of expression, participation, health, equal opportunities, respect and inherent dignity. In this context J-Flag finds it crucial to build the capacity of lesbian and bisexual women, to empower them so that they can participate in public policy. This is important because the protection and promotion of human rights can benefit Jamaica’s economic and social development.

The overall purpose of this project, supported by Rights Now, is to increase the number of LGBT persons participating in policy and decision-making by building the capacities of lesbian and bisexual women in policy and decision making processes and human rights. To be actively involved in issues related to gender-based violence, crime and violence, HIV and AIDS, education, gender equality, youth development and empowerment.