Rights Now Foundation

GamCup and Push Community Initiative are organizations that promote menstrual cups, sexual and reproductive health

The Rights Now foundation has provided grants to a number of organizations providing menstruation cups to women and girls. Training in sexual and reproductive health has also been part of these projects. The main objective of these projects has been to strengthen women and girls, to prevent school dropouts and increase chances for girls to move on to higher education and get their own incomes.

See for example the website of the organization GamCup: https://www.gamcup.org

The Push Community Initiative, that also received support from Rights Now, writes in its report that its vision is “an empowered and productive community safe for children”. Its mission is further to “protect children from all forms of abuse through interventions that overcome poverty, ignorance, disease and social injustice”. The goal of the project supported by Rights Now foundation was according to PCI to “contribute to improved and equitable access to quality Basic Education in Uganda”. Its purpose was further to “facilitate the menstrual hygiene needs of 500 vulnerable girls (8-18 years) to stay in school through training and support on making sanitary pads using local materials and promoting art and craft for income generation by 2021”.

See the PCI website: https://pushuganda.org and https://www.facebook.com/Push-Community-Initiative-108023993966063/.