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Children of Al Jaleel Center (CJC) – Lebanon

About the Children of Al Jaleel Center (CJC)

CJC is a local non-profit organization. It was established in May 2007 to work with Palestinian and Lebanese community in Beqaa valley (registration number 1668).

The center gives daily lessons to the students in arabic, science, mathematics and english. There will be weekly psychosocial and recreational activities (drawing, foci group discussion, handicraft, games, music, theater, puppet show. Also there will physical education, dance, and sport for all the students as well as counseling when and where necessary. There will be yearly monitoring meetings with the parents to discuss their child’s progress.

CJC:s vision:
Our aim is to build a generation that enjoys equal opportunities, rights and are able to hold responsibilities and participation in development and growth of society.

CJC:s mission:
Is a developmental social NGO that relates to children and youth concerns and non-profit objectives with transparent and honest financial policy. It aims to spread human rights culture especially child rights and enable them to be an active participation in society.

Other organizations supporting CJC is: Oxfam, MercyCorps, PGS, etc.