Rights Now Foundation

MRF – Human Rights Film Festival

The MRF Human Rights Film Festival is an annual event in western Sweden. Each screening is followed by a lecture/discussion with filmmakers, researchers, journalists, public debaters, and human rights experts. The primary audience is school youth, who can attend for free. The festival dates were November 20-24, 2023.

This year, with support from the Rights Now Foundation, we held a total of nine screenings focused on women’s rights, followed by lectures and discussions. We showcased five films about gender equality, focusing on women refugees. Two of the films, “Exodus” and “Dogborn,” depicted the situation for refugee women/girls, while “De ostyriga” looks at gender equality from a historical perspective, the Algerian film “Houria,” and finally, “She Said” which portrays part of the #metoo movement’s inception. These screenings were attended by approximately 1021 people.

Application Year 2023 – Theme: Women and girl refugees